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Ballet Classes in Etobicoke

Dance instruction offers a fantastic opportunity for young children to adults to engage in physical activity while expressing their creativity.

We encourage all our students to excel in technical dance skills while nurturing their creative exploration and fostering self-assurance. Both adults and children will delight in developing their strength and abilities on a foundation of basic movements set to beautiful music.

Participation in ballet classes fosters self-control, body awareness, and self-discipline as students progressively master technical maneuvers.

Preschool Ballet Classes

Our Music & Movement and Pre-School Program introduces children ages 2-4 to the fundamentals of music and dance through nursery rhymes, songs, and games, enhancing their coordination, physical development, and cognitive abilities.

Each session is centered around music, movement, and enjoyment while helping the student acclimate to a classroom environment. Through playful dance activities, children begin to grasp body movement and spatial awareness.

Children's Ballet Classes

For students aged 5 and above, we offer ballet instruction tailored to the syllabi of the Royal Academy of Dance. 

Our emphasis is on refining classical technique, fostering artistic expression, and cultivating performance quality for a comprehensive classical ballet training experience.

Adult Ballet Classes

Our Adult Ballet program offers numerous benefits beyond simply learning dance techniques. 

It provides a holistic workout that improves flexibility, strength, and posture while enhancing coordination and balance. 

Ballet also fosters mental well-being by promoting mindfulness and reducing stress through its focus on graceful movement and expression. 

Moreover, it offers a supportive community environment where adults can explore their creativity, build confidence, and cultivate a sense of accomplishment through mastering new skills and connecting with like minded individuals.

Children’s classes take place at 851 Royal York Road
Adult classes take place on at 16 Baby Point Road