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Code of Conduct

At Ballet Etobicoke, we rely on the support of parents, students and staff to all strive to ensure that every dancer will dance, create and perform in an environment that is respectful, inspiring and nurturing. We take pride in what we do and emphasize consistent training, classroom etiquette and dress code.

All dancers must arrive for class prepared to dance.

  1. Hair pulled back off the face and neck. Please see the classical ballet bun hair tutorial in Dress Code;
  2. Dressed according to the Ballet Etobicoke Dress Code;
  3. No jewelry or gum allowed.

Please note that dancers who do not come prepared will have to sit and watch class.

Dancers are expected to:

  • Be prompt for class and prepared to dance at least 5-10 minutes before class time;
  • Listen when the teacher speaks and be respectful to their peers;
  • Never hang or lean on the barres/never jump off the stage;
  • Finish every exercise, and always do their best. 

Please respect our school:

  • Don’t leave food or garbage in the bathrooms or waiting areas and ensure all snacks are nut free;
  • Please refrain from entering other rooms in the church. We do not have access to all rooms and must respect the other groups that share the church space.
  • Wait quietly in the waiting area or studio;
  • Always keep belongings zipped in a dance bag or neatly kept on a chair or coat hanger.

Parents have a big impact on their child’s experience:

  • For young classes ages 2-4, please drop off promptly, but stay in the waiting area. This will help ensure your child gets accustomed to a classroom environment where they are coming into class by themselves. This also ensures, bathroom breaks/emergencies are dealt with quickly for the students’ swift return to class;
  • For older classes, drop off and pick up promptly;
  • Knock before entering the classroom if class is in progress;
  • Stand away from the window if students are being distracted;
  • Make sure your child has visited the bathroom before entering class;
  • Let us know in advance of an absence by phone or email;
  • Make arrangements with your child’s teacher to make up missed classes;
  • If excessive absences occur, student may not be allowed to perform in year end presentation;
  • Ensure your children do not run or behave boisterously in the studio and waiting area;
  • Clearly label all of your child’s items with their name!